The Kingdom of God is…

  • a supernatural kingdom.
  • a kingdom of power, not just words.
  • a kingdom whose reality can be experienced here and now.
  • within you!

The kingdom of God is His will and dominion exercised on earth as it is in heaven. It expands its influence in the world through the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit as He works through our humanity.

Wherever God’s kingdom rules on earth, it is visibly demonstrated. Jesus manifested the power of the kingdom with miracles, signs, healing, and deliverance. Each time He announced the good news of the kingdom, sin, sickness, demons, poverty, and death could not remain.

When Jesus returned to heaven, He delegated authority to the church, activating it to continue expanding His kingdom in each succeeding generation of believers. The kingdom has everything we need: righteousness, healing, wholeness, prosperity, and joy. It is a reality to be experienced today—not just in the future—and it may be applied to each circumstance we encounter in life.

In "The Kingdom of Power: How to Demonstrate It Here and Now" by Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, you will discover how to enter the kingdom of God, receive its benefits, and expand its dominion throughout the earth.

The kingdom of God is within you.
The only thing you need to do is to
demonstrate it here and now!
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The Author

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

Is a man called to bring God’s supernatural power to this generation at the local and international levels. Active in ministry for over twenty years, he is the founder and pastor of King Jesus International Ministry {Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesús}—one of the fastest-growing multicultural churches in the United States—which has been recognized for its development of Kingdom leaders and for visible manifestations of God’s supernatural power.

Having earned a master’s degree in practical theology from Oral Roberts University and a doctorate in divinity from Vision International University, Dr. Maldonado stands firm and focused on the vision God has given him to evangelize, affirm, disciple, and send. His mission is to teach, train, equip, and send leaders and believers to bring the supernatural power of God to their communities, in order to leave a legacy of blessings for future generations. This mission is worldwide. Apostle Maldonado is a spiritual father to more than 100 pastors and apostles of local and international churches as part of a growing association, the New Wine Apostolic Network, which he founded.

He has authored many books and manuals, a number of which have been translated into several languages. In addition, he preaches the message of Jesus Christ and His redemptive power on his international television program, Tiempo de Cambio [Time for Change], which airs on several networks, thus reaching millions worldwide.

Apostle Maldonado resides in Miami, Florida, with his wife and partner in ministry, Ana, and their two sons, Bryan and Ronald.


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